Seattle Solstice designs, engineers, and fabricates large scale stone and glass sculpture and water features. We use state-of-the-art stone cutting equipment, combined with in-house designed computer controlled systems. We have a history of work in collaboration with Architects and Designers to realize their visions. These projects require innovation, and often result in new specialized equipment and methods to solve complex design and fabrication challenges of each piece.

Clients include residential and commercial Architects, Collectors to Urban Developers and Planners, serving high end installations and metropolitan locations. While our efforts are concentrated in the Pacific Northwest, our projects span across the country.

Stuart Kendall

Stuart Kendall is a founding partner and Principal of Seattle Solstice, one of the most technically advanced stone cutting facilities in the world and a consonance of art & engineering. Undergraduate work in physics at Carleton College transposed to a degree from the Eastman School of Music. He co-founded Enclume, Inc. a premier decorative art forging company begun in 1973 that is recognized internationally today.


In 1984, he joined The Pacific Science Center as Head of Exhibit Engineering. As a member of ASTC, he gave convention seminars on creativity, exhibit design and construction. In 1988, Stuart joined Dinamation International as Director of Research & Development expanding the robotic dinosaur experience globally.

In 1993 Stuart joined Machinists, Inc. as head of Concept Formulation developing tooling systems and production processes for firms such as the Boeing and Lawrence Livermore Labs. Over the next several years Stuart engineered and fabricated Seattle Solstice‘s unique capabilities by utilizing the massive equipment building capacity of Machinists, Inc.

Jason Clauson

Jason began preparation for his work with Seattle Solstice at the age of 10 when he took an interest in his stepfather’s work at Machinists, Inc.  Growing up in an environment rich with design, engineering, and machine fabrication shaped his passion for his work in stone & glass sculpture. Growing up in an environment rich with design, engineering and machine fabrication helped shape is passion for his present work in large-scale stone & glass sculpture.

jason2He attended Washington State School of engineering, and apprenticed summers programming and operating large Computer Numeric Control cutting machines. After college he joined Machinists Inc. full-time where continued his professional growth, helping to develop the innovative systems currently in use in several projects at Seattle Solstice.

In early 2006 he joined Stuart Kendall in founding Seattle Solstice. Over the past decade Jason and the team have produced numerous acclaimed projects throughout the Pacific Northwest, and across the nation, helping establish Seattle Solstice as a leader in the field of large-scale stone and glass sculpture and water features.